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Green Day tabs

Disappearing Boy guitar tab

Date: Wed, December 30 1998
From: Peter Ferragine (
Group: Green Day
Album: 1039/smoothed out slappy hours
Released: 1990 lookout records
Track: 4
Title: disappearing boy

: - let ring





didn't get that slow part




now you see me, now you don't 
don't ask me where i'm at cause i'm a million miles away
treated like a forbidden heel don't say my thoughts are not for real
am i here or am i there or am i playing on the stairs 
am i in my room with my toys i am the disappearing boy
when i walk in crowded rooms i feel as if it is my doom
i know that i don't belong in that room i see her
i see her and she's with him i turn and then i'm gone
don't call me up cause i'm not home my whereabouts are now unknown
i vanished from all your joy i'm the disappearing boy 
i have my doubts of where i belong it's something to think about
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