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Green Day tabs

Android guitar tab

Date: Sat, April 10 1999
From: Peter Ferragine (
Group: Green Day
Album: Kerplunk
Released: 1991 lookout records
Track: 9
Title: android

pm - palm mute

Eb tuning







hey old man in women's shoes
i wonder if he knows i think he's crazy
when he was young did he have dreams of wearing women's shoes
and being crazy
it makes me wonder when i grow to be that age 
will i be walking down the street
begging for your spare change
or will i grow that old
will i still be around
the way i carry on i'll end up six feet underground
and waste away...
when the old man was in school
did the golden rule make him go crazy
or did he hide away from hopes 
behind a smile and smoking dope it's crazy
it seems so frieghtening time passes by like lightning
before you know it you're struck down
i always waste my time on my chemical emotions 
it keeps my head spinning around
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