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Grateful Dead tabs

One More Saturday Night bass tab

From: "John McCormick" 
Subject: One More Saturday Night -Grateful Dead

Here's the basic tab for One More Saturday Night by the Grateful Dead:
]The entire song is played in 4/4 time and is to beplayed very fast,  so it
isn't as simple as it looks.  Of course it isn't, this is Phil Lesh you're
dealing with after all.]

All notes denote the root note*, where you play the following basic blues

				|-X-|-X-|----|-X-|         *: Play all these as high notes
				 root^ note
This first line isnt played as fast:
Now speed up		|--F--|--F--|--C--|--C--|
			|--C--|--C--|--C--|--C--|   {REPEAT}
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