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Eric Clapton Cream tabs

Mean Old Frisco guitar chords

Mean Old Frisco
Words & Music by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
from Eric Clapton's Slowhand (1977)

Well that (E) mean old dirty 'Frisco and that low down Santa Fe
(A) Mean old 'Frisco and that low down Santa (E) Fe (A) (E)
Well, (B7) take my gal away
Lord, and go back out on (E) me (A) (E) (B7)

Well, my mama, she done told me and my papa told me too
Mama told me and my pop done told me too
Woman get in your face, son
And she ain't no friend to you

Well, I'm goin' 'way now baby, and your cryin' won't make me stay
Goin' 'way baby and your cryin' wont make me stay
Well, the more you cry little girl
Drive me away
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