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Eric Clapton Cream tabs

Lonely Stranger guitar tab

Artist: Eric Clapton

E     A/E   Am/E  E  (bis)

E      A/E C#m   F#
I must be  invisible ;
G#m    F#    B   B/A
No one knows me.
E      A/E     C#m           F#
I have crawled down dead-end streets
D     A         E     A/E   Am/E  E   E   A/E   Am/E   E
On my hands and knees.

E     A/E  C#m           F#
I was born with a ragin' thirst,
G#m  F#        B  B/A
A hunger to be free,
E        A/E     C#m         F#
But I've learned through the years.
D       A E     A/E   Am/E  E   E   A/E   Am/E   E
Don't encourage me.

Chorus :

       E F#         B    B/A C#m/G#
'Cause I'm a lonely stranger here,
A      G#7     C#m  E7
Well beyond my day.
A           F#/A#       E/B   C#m
And I don't know what's goin' on,
F#m        B7    E   A/E   Am/E  E   E   A/E   Am/E   E
So I'll be on my way.

E      A/E   C#m    F#
When I walk, stay behind ;
G#m       F#       B  B/A
Don't get close to me,
E           A/E  C#m       F#
'Cause it's sure to end in tears,
D       A   E   A/E   Am/E  E   E   A/E   Am/E   E
So just let me be.

E         A/E      C#m    F#
Some will say that I'm no good ;
G#m F#   B   B/A
Maybe I agree.
E      A/E  C#m        F#
Take a look then walk away.
D          A          E   A/E   Am/E  E   E   A/E   Am/E   E
That's all right with me.


Contributed by David Munger

Artist: Eric Clapton
Song: Lonely Stranger (Unplugged)
Album: Eric Clapton Unplugged

As far as i'm aware there is no tab of this on the net so i thought i'd give it a shot :) It's far from perfect but if you follow this
whilst listening to the track you might get the idea. Its a messy tab but i can't be arsed cleaning it up so if anyone with a better ear
and tabbing skills wants to improve it then go ahead!

Any suggestions or corrections (aside from timing errors which are definately there!)
please email me:


Standard Tuning


5\2 Slide from 5 to 2
2/5 Slide from 2 to 5
0h2 Hammer on from 0 to 2
2p0 Pull off from 2 to 0

This is played pretty fast!



       * Repeat v. fast


|----5/6--9-7------------7-7/9-6------------|		Repeat this... :)

             (0)played softly

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