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Eric Clapton Cream tabs

Going Down Slow guitar tab

Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 17:15:33 -0400
From: "John A. Kovalsky" 
Subject: c/clapton_eric/

        I figured out the main part to Clapton's "Going Down Slow" from both
the Clapton and Friends Concert (from Madison Square Garden) and the
"Pilgrim" album.  It goes like this:

intro riff ----------------X

*there's a lot of pick scraping in the song so add it into the riffs to
create the best sound

main riff


repeat this for the verses until you can hear the change in the music-
for that it goes like this:


there it is.  Hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to make corrections.  I'll
send you the solo for the concert version later.  Until then, take care.

                                                       Mike Kovalsky
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