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Eric Clapton Cream tabs

Alberta guitar tab


E E F F F# F#     C/G              (the E/F/F#'s are just the bass notes)
Alberta           Alberta

G                C/G*
Where ya been so long

F                F Bb Bb F         (2 strums for Bb)
Alberta Alberta

C/G - with the little lick
Where ya been so long

C/G             G
Ain't had me no lovin'

G              C/G*
Since you been gone

E --0---------------------------0--0--0--0------------------
B --1---------------------------1--1--1--1------------------
G --0---------------------------0--0--0--0------------------
D --2---------------------------2--2--2--2------------------
A --3--3--2--0--------0--2--3---3--3--3--3------------------
E --3-----------3--3------------3--3--3--3------------------

FYI - The song ends on a quick little G then C strum.

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