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Blink_182 tabs

Dammit guitar tab

                            DAMMIT- Blink 182

tabbed by SkunX (


    C   G    A    F   Co   Go




Intro: Riff


C          G          A              F 
its alright to tell me what you think about me
C         G        A          F
i wont try to argue or hold it against you

(same chords)
i know that youre leaving you must have your reasons
the season is calling your pictures are falling down


the steps that i retrace the sad look on your face
the timing and structure did you hear he fucked her 
a day late a buck short i'm writing the report
on losing and failing when i move i'm flailing now


Co                     Go                  A 
and its happened once again i'll turn to a friend
                 F                                  Co
someone who understands and sees through the master plan
                   Go                              A
but now everybodys gone and i've been here for too long
                   F                G
to face this on my own well i guess this is growing up 


and maybe i'll see you at a movie sneak preview
you'll show up and walk by on the arm of that guy
and i'll smile and you'll wave we'll pretend its OK
this charade it wont last when hes gona i wont come back

and it'll happen once again you'll turn to a friend
someone that understands and sees thru the master plan
but now everybodys gone and youve been here for too long
to face this on your own well i guess this is growing up

(solo thingy that i dont know)

well i guess this is growing up

repeat Riff till end

end on C

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